The Vienna Impact Investment Forums, Real Estate Salons, Capital Market Conferences and Investor Luncheon Presentations are a financial platform for companies to present their business models and future projects to potential investors and for economic dialogue between representatives and investors. The conferences as well as the Investor Luncheon Presentations are funded by the presenting companies. None of the information given is connected to any investment targets, financial situations or requirements of the recipients. All presentations, opinions or commentary are personal views of the author. None of the presentations given and comments made at the conferences constitute or form parts of any offer or invitation to sell or purchase securities or stakes in a company. They do not replace professional, individual investment consulting. The host of the conferences, Advantage Family Office and any related staff disclaim liability for any content or statements made during the presentations. The presentations are not reviewed in advance. Any content neither constitutes a solicitation of an offer nor is it a prospectus in the sense of the Austrian Capital Market Act (Kapitalmarktgesetz), the Austrian Stock Exchange Act (Börsegesetz), the Securities Trading Act or any other applicable law. Neither this publication nor its contents nor any copy of this publication may be changed or distributed to third parties (especially those located in the US) without the host’s permission. The host collects and saves customer data which is needed for the invitations to the conferences and uses personal data solely for business activity of Advantage Family Office. By participating in the conferences, you give your consent that the host Advantage Family Office is entitled to share information with the presenting companies. By participating in the conferences, you agree to be bound by the foregoing instructions and restrictions.

Selected financial events are also broadcast online. There it may happen that the participants of the specialist forums are filmed, but this is not the intention of the organizer. By attending you give your consent that you might appear on photos or video productions.